Hello. I'm David Cliff, a refreshingly down-to-earth designer. I value clarity and love getting straight to the point. 


I've spent the past few years developing a small but well-rounded creative studio, which has helped boutique businesses in and around Yorkshire to thrive.

People commission me because I am straight-talking, honest and there's no designer ego to satisfy. My philosophy is simple; If you're not happy then neither am I.

My working life began as editorial assistant for the Shooting Gazette. I quickly realised I was better at designing layouts than I was at writing, so that was it, path set. Working at various agencies showed me the good and bad parts of the industry, making me decide to go solo. And through hook, crook, good and bad luck I'm still in the game.


Let me know what you think

Cliff Design
Studio 5
Forest Farm
York YO19 4RH

01904 319 041

Mon to Fri,  9 - 5pm

Fully insured to carry out:

Signage and lighting installation.

Advertising contracting.

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